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EXPRESS SUPPORT SOLUTIONS, INC. mission is to deliver value by solving business challenges that can transform our clients’ companies, increase growth, reduce cost, and lower risk. We accomplish this by leveraging our business acumen, executive experience and unparalleled expertise in software development and technology to guide our clients to the best outcomes for their unique business goals and standards.

We start with people first and then technology. This means getting into each of our client’s companies, listening to their needs, and asking the right questions. We do this to acquire a deep understanding of each client’s industry, business model, vision, goals, challenges, existing environment, and concerns.

Our team approaches each project as a comprehensive business project. This is reflected in our unique custom Express Support Solutions software development process, which is focused on constantly delivering working software in a very short feedback loop to make sure the business project stays on track. The final step of the Express Support Solutions  software development process – and most important- is the rapid delivery of high quality software that’s a perfect fit.

You might find our approach different than other software development companies. While some seem hip on the technology side, ask them to read a business plan and they might quiver. Our team have been in the industry for over 20 years, holding executive level positions for large technology corporations and development companies. This knowledge and experience is the bridge to building products that provide our clients with optimum business value.

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